Marine Surveys & Services

    Pre-purchase and condition surveys


    Pre-purchase & condition surveys is conducted from an operator’s point of view including inspections of specific items on request.

    Inspection may include but not limits to:

    • general impression and opinion,
    • standards of maintenance,
    • cargo worthiness,
    • structural integrity,
    • navigation and radio equipment,
    • propulsion, machinery and ship systems,
    • safety and firefighting appliances,
    • condtion of ballast tanks,
    • condition of coatings,
    • condition of steel under coatings,
    • thickness measurement of steel by ultrasound equipment,
    • accommodations and their condition and outfit,
    • copies of documents,
    • inspection of specific items,
    • written report,
    • photographic evidence.

    A survey report provides an impression and statements of fact as to the actual condition of the vessel. Photographs are used to qualify observations.

    These services are provided on a 24/7 basis at competitive rates, including instant reporting and any follow-up actions that may be required.

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